Active Forever Walk In Tubs

Nov 21, 2016

Active Forever Walk In Tubs

Since 1993, Active Forever has been in the business of medical supplies and equipment which include accessible showers and walk-in tubs. They are rated A+ by the BBB and continue to provide seniors with medical, safety, and fitness equipment to enhance their mobility and improve convenience within their domestic spaces.

Showcased are two of their most popular models that answer to different needs in accessibility, safety, and independence.

The Signature Walk In Bathtub

Signature Walk In Bathtub

Attractive and capable, the Signature walk-in tub comes in several different sizes that range between 26"-31" in width, 50"-54" in length, and 36"-38" in height. The glossy fiberglass shell features a stylish recessed wave design that runs across the viewable side of the tub. A worthwhile investment for homeowners who wish for an upgrade in the bathroom, an upgrade in their bathing experience, and an upgrade in their home's asking price.

Once installed in a standard 60" tub space, the Signature will be ready for heavy use as a soaker, air massager, or whirlpool. The two luxurious and therapeutic features of air and whirlpool both have a host of physical and mental benefits that improve the senior's quality of life. Upon purchasing of the Signature, you get to choose to between having the 18-air jet system or whirlpool spa. The whirlpool feature improves blood circulation, accelerates healing, and deeply massages damaged muscle groups. The air massager detoxifies the skin, provides a less intense massage, and soothes the body. Know what the right choice is for you and make an informed decision that's best for your health.

It's worth mentioning that simply soaking inside one of these tubs has its own benefits. The simple immersion in water has standard therapeutic benefits as well, the most important of which is the cardiovascular exercise performed by your heart when immersed in warm water, improving your breathing habits and making you feel healthier and at ease overall.

Owners of this model get to enjoy a lifetime warranty on the door, door seal, shell, and stainless steel frame.

The Signature comes in different sizes that correspond to different prices, as shown below:

Signature Models Available
Color & Orientation Size (WxLxH) Price
Right - Soft Cream 30"x50"x38" $4,100.00
Right - White 31"x50"x38" $4,100.00
Right - Soft Cream 26"x53"x36" $4,100.00
Left - White 30"x50"x38" $4,100.00
Left - Soft Cream 30"x50"x38" $4,349.00
Left - White 26"x53"x36" $4,349.00
Left - Soft Cream 26"x53"x36" $4,349.00
Right - White 26"x53"x36" $4,349.00
Right - White 30"x50"x38" $4,349.00
Left - White 31"x50"x38" $4,349.00

Serenity Walk In Tub

Serenity Walk In Tub

Just like the Signature model, the Serenity houses all the safety features exclusive to walk-in tubs such as the non-slip floor and seat, conveniently placed grab bars, and a 4.25" low-threshold entrance. The difference is that a strongly placed grab bar is found on the exterior wall of the unit to provide extra support for seniors when entering the tub, and acts as an extra towel hanger.

The Serenity is 33.5" wide, 29.5" high, and 36" long when its door is closed. It provides comfortable arm support for a seated senior, a smooth slightly reclined seat, and plenty of legroom. The unit's size is not excessive and will allow for simple and quick installation within a small footprint. It can take up to 63" of bathroom space (the length of a traditional tub) when the door is stretched open. Thanks to its miniature size, it can be installed in a corner while greatly enhancing any of your smaller bathrooms' utility and usage within a compact space.

Owners of this tub are guaranteed a lifetime warranty on the door seal and a 5-year warranty on the bathtub, door handle, and latching system - one year that covers both parts and labor work, and four years that are reserved for the parts alone. The hydrotherapy components, booster seat, drain, and heated seat are covered for 1 year.

You get to choose between a standard model, a whirlpool model, an air massager, or a model with the self-cleaning San-Air system. The prices are set as shown in the table below.

Features Price
Standard $4,599.00
Whirpool Massage (4 Jets) $5,399.00
San-Air System $5,499.00
Warm Air Massage (12 Jets) $5,799.00

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