Safe Step Walk in Tub Prices

Dec 26, 2016

Safe Step Walk in Tub Prices

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Safe Step has many of its authorized dealers scattered nationwide for you to schedule an in-home consultation. Their models are soft on the skin and on the eyes, with a clear emphasis on style without compromising on the safety design features we've all come to know about walk-in tubs, such as the low-threshold entrance, watertight door, safety grab bars, and non-slip floor.

There is no doubt that the quality concentrated into their tubs is one of the highest in the business. Their current $1,500 savings deal is definitely a generous offer, and the number of hygienic and therapeutic features applied to their models is equaled only by their excellent customer service and positive feedback. The only problem, however, is their prices, which can set you back an enormous sum of hard earned cash. Although the customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive, the main recurring issue is the exceedingly high prices of all Safe Step products.

General Prices

To give you a better picture of how walk-in tubs are typically priced, let's use a general idea as our point of reference. Virtually walk-in tubs of any size, set of features, and style can be found at your local Home Depot, and if not, you can place an order for a unit with your exact specifications at a fraction of the price you find with Safe Step. However, the cost of professionally installing a unit is in the same ballpark - ranging between $1,800 and $5,000, depending on the job.

The general price ranges of most walk-in tubs according to their use are the following:

  • Low-threshold showers & standard soakers: $1,200 ~ $2,500
  • Air bath or whirlpool massage system: $2,100 ~ $3,500
  • Dual-hydrotherapy massage: $3,000 ~ $5,000
  • Wheelchair accessible and bariatric: $4,500 ~ $5,000
  • Inclusive of all features plus luxury items: $5,000+ 

For more information and examples of different prices of walk-in tubs, click here.

Safe Step Walk in Tub Prices

Although official figures aren't published, the base price of their most standard models is close to $9,000. If you add more features, however, and go for the more spacious units, that number can reach up to $25,000. What's more is the installation costs that - if you're not getting an offer - can run up to an additional $5,000. Which is why we're going to touch on a few ways that you can use to get your hands on a model without spending a hefty amount of money.

Safe Step's Custom Low-Threshold Shower

AARP Benefits

You can receive financing for a low-threshold shower if you're a member of the AARP. Receiving outside financing or reimbursement for a walk-in tub, however, can prove difficult as it is often looked at as a luxury item. Low-threshold showers are far easier to finance, especially when you consider that they're cheaper than their walk-in counterparts. Safe Step's low-threshold showers are excellent in that they come in two variations: ones with a low lip and ones with no lip. These models allow seniors with different mobile abilities a chance at regaining their confidence and independence for what should be a private affair. Custom builds, such as the one seen in the picture, can allow wheelchair-bound users to slide onto the shower seat laterally or enter the enclosure effortlessly with their wheelchair.

Safe Step Referral Program

By signing up to Safe Step's referral program and recommending a friend who eventually completes the purchase of one of Safe Step's walk-in tubs, you receive $500. If you happen to know someone who's willing to buy a unit sometime after you, you can reduce your losses by that amount.

Safe Step's $1,500 Discount

Although some restrictions may apply, you can qualify for a substantial discount when purchasing one of Safe Step's high-end products. Individuals receive a discount of $750 per purchase while households qualify for a $1,500 discount per purchase.

Safe Step has a strong customer following and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. If you want to learn more about them, visit this page.

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