Up to 20% OFF Home Depot Accessible Showers – Limited Time Only!

Feb 12, 2017

Up to 20% OFF Home Depot Accessible Showers – Limited Time Only!

Reserve for yourself one of these DISCOUNTED low-threshold showers from Home Depot capable of supporting any senior's independent lifestyle. Low prices on top showers!

Home Depot is the largest hardware store in America that houses all household items and remodeling teams. So, it’s not surprising to know that you can go to them for the bathroom fixtures you want.

If you’re a senior or a relative to a senior who struggles to quickly and safely access and navigate a regular tub, the door is now open on accessible showers from this superstore.

There is an offer on a wide variety of accessible showers currently. You’d be saving hundreds of dollars on a quality shower that makes your daily hygiene easy rather than a chore.

What Are Accessible Showers?

Accessible showers are sometimes called low-threshold showers due to their entrances being considerably lower to the floor or completely flat when compared to traditional bathtubs. This safety feature, among others, could mean the difference between regaining your independence and paying excessive money for home care services.

Among the models found with Home Depot, there are a few safety features that are absolutely essential for you if your mobility is limited in the bathroom.

0 – 6” Low Step-In

Typically, low-threshold showers will have an entrance that’s 0” – 6” high, making it easier on your legs than when you previously used to enter regular bathtubs. A flat or low rim means that you can enter the shower base with a simple ramp if you’re bound to a wheelchair. Or the shower seat placed inside won’t require you to lift one leg after the other to get seated, sliding in laterally is all it will take.

Slip-Resistant Floors

Since most bathroom slip-and-fall accidents occur among seniors who are around the age of 85, Home Depot and Lowe’s models are treated with anti-slip solutions to provide enough grip for the soles of your feet.

Custom Safety Rails or Grab Bars

Designed to assist you with entry and exit of the unit, the built-in safety rails or grab bars of these models will provide you with firm support. Some of them can even be installed anywhere of your choosing for a more customized final product.


Depending on the rim’s height, the shower base can be entered with a wheelchair using a ramp of a small height or no ramp at all.

Accessible Showers vs. Traditional Bathtubs

The traditional bathtub’s walls can be 14” to 38” high and a nightmare for aging seniors who can’t lift their legs that high. Without a transfer bench or power chair, the old bathtubs simply won’t do it. And often enough these upgrades and add-ons can easily cost more than a brand-new accessible shower. Bath lifts and power seats can cost between $500 and $2,000.

Home Depot Accessible Showers

DreamLine's French Linea

Save up to 20% on Showers & Shower Doors – Offer Ends 3/23/17!

Now that the winter season is slowly coming to an end, and the need for quality showers and hydrotherapy is rising, Home Depot is striking the iron while it’s hot with incredible sales on accessible showers.

Considering some homeowners’ wish to add wall-installed foldable shower benches, we picked the French Linea from DreamLine. It’s a must for seniors looking to be more independent when showering due to the effortless nature of its use. Having to strain to get in is a thing of the past.


Down $73.50 (15%) from $490, the French Linea is now less than the cost of a low-quality power seat or bath lift – upgrades typical of inaccessible bathtubs.

Window Pane Design

Instead of having an obstructive door in the way as other showers do, this model allows a doorless form of entry with nothing more than a window pane to keep the water inside. The glass on the panel is a single piece that’s firmly placed by a grid with French black finish. Extremely stylish by today’s standards. And what’s more is the glass itself is treated with ClearMax™, a solution that repels water, reduces stains, and minimizes buildup of soap scum and limescale, keeping your shower a truly hygienic enclosure.


You don’t have to pay for a big remodeling project to add this shower in your bathroom. It extends 56” in length and 72” in height and can easily be retrofitted in traditional tub space (60”). So installing it is easy.

The glass is 0.4” in thickness, and to keep you safe from accidents, the ANSI-certified glass is tempered and kept from harm’s way by its protective grid. 

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