Walk-in Tubs vs. Regular Bathtubs

Feb 03, 2016

Walk-in Tubs vs. Regular Bathtubs

Many senior homeowners have not weighed the level of utility and advantage a walk-in tub has to offer them against that of a regular bathtub. What makes walk-in tubs so unique is their range of personalized options designed to meet your needs.

The choice between hydrotherapy's whirlpool, air massage, or both is a luxury that only walk-in bathtubs can offer. Moreover, there are models which incorporate hydrotherapy (air, water, or both) as well as aromatherapy and chromotherapy. Customization is what makes the walk-in bathtub so unique when compared to ordinary bathtubs.

A Cost-Effective Alternative

A Cost-Effective Alternative

For $1,900 you can get a model with hydrotherapy features, factory built with a long-lasting warranty on parts, door seal and the tub body, excluding costs of installation which takes less than a day in most cases. If your old bathtub’s space is too big for a walk-in bathtub, extension panels can be added to fit your bathroom space perfectly. If you’re an aging veteran, the Home Improvements, and Structural Alterations (HISA) Grant, or pension programs provided by VA can aid your need to cut down on costs substantially.

Click here for more information on grants for veterans.


According to a CDC 2008 study: “Approximately 80% of all bathroom injuries were caused by falls, with the highest injury rates in the oldest age groups. For adults aged ≥65 years, falls often cause serious injuries, such as hip fractures, attributed in part to osteoporosis, a metabolic disease that makes bones porous and susceptible to fracture. This study found that older adults had the highest fracture rates and were hospitalized most often.”

Independence & Mobility

Not only are these accessible bathtubs safe, they answer seniors' home needs in terms of domestic spaces. Studies have shown that what keeps aging seniors comfortable most of all is their home's level of accessibility. In other words, making everything easy to reach for a senior is the best thing you can do for them since it means that they can be active and in control of his/her daily life without having to give up their independence.

Walk-in tubs' safety features and accessibility make it a must-have for senior homes since there is no better contender in the independent bathing department. Wheelchair-bound seniors don't have to rely on a caregiver for a bath since many accessible models exist that promote mobility and safety. 

What sets the wheelchair accessible models apart from other walk-in tubs is the shape of the door and the support for lateral access. Instead of having a rectangular or U-shaped door, wheelchair accessible models have an L-shaped door to expose the side of the seat and backrest fully. This encourages the bather to slide on laterally from seat-to-seat without help from others.

The Therapeutic Benefits

The Therapeutic Benefits

The therapeutic benefits you get from a walk-in tub can be endless when compared to a regular bathtub. Dual-hydrotherapy models can incorporate more than one therapeutic feature to treat high blood pressure, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, poor blood circulation, depression, sleep disorders, insomnia, joint and muscle issues, nerve problems, and more. In combination with chromotherapy (colored LEDs) and aromatherapy (fragrances), nothing can be more healing and soothing to the mind and body.

To find out more about the therapeutic and medical benefits of walk-in tubs, visit this page.

Luxury Features

The level of luxury you can have in a walk-in bathtub to blend with your bathroom’s marble floor can take your breath away. Installed quickly to fit any space in your bathroom the walk-in tub cleans up nicely and doesn’t make a mess.

Heated seats, backrests, and multi-therapeutic features are but a few qualities that make the walk-in tub the more comfort and luxury oriented option for anyone.

A regular tub will take too much unnecessary space regardless of its utility, making your bathroom feel cramped and inefficient. A walk-in tub saves space and makes the best of what it has.

Spirit of Caring

Bathtub manufacturers don’t take safety precautions for seniors and veterans into consideration when designing a tub since it’s not part of their mission. A walk-in tub manufacturer’s history can be traced to a small group’s personal experience with a disabled family member, loved one or member of a community that didn’t get the help that they deserved. This makes accessible bathtubs an innovation born out of a spirit of caring. Bathing Safety, for example, is a veteran-owned industry leading manufacturer which indicates that every one of their models has met somebody’s particular bathing need.

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