Walk-in Tub/Shower Combo

Feb 22, 2016

Walk-in Tub/Shower Combo

Walk-in tub and shower combos do take up more of a footprint than traditional walk-in bathtubs but they can be more stylish and - let's face it - they have the added bonus of being a stand-up shower. They are popular among seniors for several reasons:

  1. They're much safer than traditional bathtubs and showers because they have a low-threshold entry.
  2. There is no need for a second shower because these combinations can simultaneously act as both.
  3. Can be more convenient and cheaper to install when turning an existing bathtub into a walk-in tub with a simple conversion kit. 

Walk-In Tub/Shower Combo Safety Features

Walk-in tub/shower combos have a step-in height that can be as low as 0". With all the safety features as that of a standard walk-in tub, they can be just as effective. These safety features cover a fully certified anti-slip floor, wheelchair accessibility, easy-to-reach grab bars, and ADA compliant seat. For more on what makes a walk-in tub safe, click here.

Walk-in Tub Shower Combo

A Walk-In Tub/Shower Model

Homeward Bath's Aquarite Deluxe 4.92 ft. left-drain walk-in bathtub (available at Home Depot) is fitted with a left-handed watertight glass door. It is basically a normal bathtub that you could walk into and has no shaped seat in its basin. It's essentially a standard soaker with no therapeutic feature other than water buoyancy with 18.5" in depth. This stylish design fits into a standard tub's space - it is 59" in length, 30" in width, and 24.5" in height (84" door height). At $1,558 (excluding installation fees), this walk-in bathtub is tested for a tight seal before it is delivered to you and requires independent installers to set it in place.

Soaking uses water buoyancy for therapeutic healing and bodily repair. Click here to find out how you can benefit.

Are Walk-in Tubs/Shower Combos Reliable?

Adding a separate walk-in tub next to an already existing shower makes the bathroom cluttered, inefficient and unpractical for many seniors who need to make the best of their home space. Families that don't all use a walk-in tub will find that walk-in showers are just as familiar to them as any other shower. Its safety and therapeutic features are not intrusive to anyone, which is why this addition can make a lot of sense for families that don't have enough bathroom space in their homes.

Learn more about how the designs of walk-in tubs/showers are mindful of a senior's need for mobility and independence here.

Wheelchair Accessibility

The walk-in shower is popular among independent seniors that can stand on their own two feet but find trouble in lifting their legs over traditional, high-threshold bathtubs. Wheelchair accessible step-in showers are also available that better accommodate to seniors that need a little assistance. Just like slide-in tubs, slide-in showers position the seat directly at the door's L-shaped entrance. These showers do not hinder your mobility and independence. With easy-to-reach grab bars, a wheelchair-bound user can then slide into the seat without the help of others.

For more on wheelchair accessible walk-in tubs, click here. For ways on converting your traditional bathtub into a roll-in shower, click here.

An Affordable Alternative

Conversion kits can be the most economical choice for homeowners that A) don't have enough bathroom space, B) are unable to afford a walk-in tub, and C) don't want to give up their own bathtub. The conversion kit is becoming very popular for notable reasons. Installed within 2-4 hours, the conversion kit can be just as safe as a walk-in tub and may let seniors feel more comfortable in their existing bathtub that they know and love. Even though it is not as luxurious as a walk-in tub, it doesn't require any bathroom remodeling. In short, it does the job and incorporates the same safety measures.

For more information on the costs associated with a bathtub conversion, click here.

Blue Spring

Premier Care in Bathing's Blue Spring

Canopy walk-in tubs such as the ones you'll find at Premier Care in Bathing, leaders in bathing for over 30 years, come equipped with an adjustable showerhead that hangs from a riser rail. This gives you more utility per space, and a chance to use the walk-in unit as a stand-up shower. The value per dollar you get from a canopy walk-in tub involves the following:

  • A simple solution for small bathrooms.
  • Adds a shower to your bathroom without increasing the footprint of your walk-in tub.

Premier Care in Bathing's Blue Spring model is an innovative look into canopy walk-in tub/shower combos. 50.5" long and 28.5" wide, the Blue Spring rejuvenates your spirit with five therapeutic benefits: heat therapy, hydrovescent therapy, foot massage, chromotherapy, and aromatherapy. This is a wonderful bathroom addition loaded with safety designs and technology, superior comfort, and therapeutic rejuvenation all in one place.

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