The Benefits of Ozone Sanitation

May 02, 2016

Ozone is triatomic oxygen created naturally by Earth's atmosphere and mimicked by engineers to be used as a powerful disinfectant. 

An ozone sanitation system uses of one nature's most powerful oxidizers for simple and effective disinfection of walk-in tubs, bathtubs, whirlpools, and hot tubs.

How Ozone Is Used in Hydromassage Walk-In Tubs

It is used to clean out the water lines connecting the whirlpool jets together after use for a consistently hygienic bathing experience. In this way, the ozone self-cleaning system makes your tub require very little upkeep, cost-effective with respect to detergents, and odorlessly clean.

The Advantages of Ozone Sanitation Systems

The Advantages of Ozone Sanitation Systems

Let's look at the benefits of the ozone sanitation systems used by walk-in tubs and why they're so effective:

  • An ozone system disinfects the tub from bacteria, viruses, manganese, iron, hydrogen sulfide, human fluids, and all other organics. 
  • Ozone reacts with water within a matter of minutes and does not form any harmful byproducts in the process.
  • Ozone is two-hundred times more effective than chlorine.
  • Noninvasive as it is, ozone does not react with detergents after scrubbing; what's left on the tub's surface is regular oxygen.
  • Whether you are in the middle of a warm bath or scrubbing your walk-in bathtub with cold water, ozone is just as effective in either temperature.
  • Ozone disinfects the mold and mildew that purge out of the water jets when they have not been used for a while.
  • Ozone meets FDA and EPA standards as a disinfectant.

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