Portable Walk-in Tubs

Feb 22, 2016

When you think of a bathtub, in general, you imagine it securely fastened to the walls surrounding it. An innovation always means breaking the mold in some fashion, which is why the portable walk-in tub is finally here. Not all homeowners need or can accommodate a walk-in tub permanently. To some, a portable bathtub makes more sense.

Safety Features

  • Locking castors
  • Slip resistant floor
  • ADA-compliant seat height
  • Emergency door removal
  • Built-in safety bars
  • Leak-proof door

The Wheels

A portable walk-in tub runs on thick wheels that have a locking mechanism. The thickness of the wheels gives the tub more traction and stability on any floor surface. Once you’ve chosen a sweet spot for it to stay put, the locking castors keep it fixed and immovable.


Heavenly Portable Walk-in Tub

The only portable walk-in tub manufacturer on the market is Heavenly, who first introduced the concept. Portable models are the most flexible when it comes to occupying their space. One fixed position is no longer necessary as it can reside in any room where a water line is present. The prices of these portable bathtubs range between $6,000 and $10,000, depending on whether they are standard space saving soakers or hydrotherapeutic loaded with features.

Why Go Portable?

Portable walk-in tubs don’t necessitate remodeling or making large-scale adjustments to your bathroom. You can take them with you if you plan to move to a new home effortlessly and quickly. They can save you thousands of dollars since they don't involve installation costs and they are quicker to install than any other tub.

Consider going portable:

  • If you want to avoid the expense and mess of a costly bathroom remodel.
  • If you don't have enough space in the bathroom.
  • If you're renting and can’t renovate.

Heavenly's Quick Connection Box

The quick connection box ($110) is not absolutely necessary to everyone. It does, however, eliminate the need for adjusting the temperature and flow rate of the water from a sink or bathtub faucet. If it’s an absolute necessity to have the water temperature and pressure controlled from the unit's built-in dials, a quick connection box will be a worthwhile investment.

How Connection Boxes Work

How Connection Boxes Work

Quick connection boxes work by hooking up their electrical cords and water hoses to the appropriate receptors in your house. They come with water and drain connection hoses to be connected to any type of water hook-up. The hoses for this kind of installation are made from durable reinforced rubber. They can be connected to a kitchen or bathroom sink and existing washing machine supply lines, and you can control where your walk-in bathtub should go.

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