Medical and Therapeutic Benefits of Walk-in Tubs

Feb 16, 2016

Not only are walk-in tubs versatile in treating diseases, and ailments of old age, but they make access easy for anyone because of their personalized, easily accessible designs.

Classes of People That Need Walk-in Tubs

Classes of People That Need Walk-in Tubs

The people who need assistance while bathing include seniors, disabled persons, and patients. Disabled persons with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy and other immobility-related disabilities can benefit from a walk-in tub if what they want is to bathe on their own without the help of a guardian. Patients exhibiting lower back pain, fibrosis, rheumatism, bronchitis, diabetes, poor circulation, and arthritis will see an improvement in their health and overall quality of life. A quick rundown on the classes of people that need walk-in tubs can be found here.

Walk-in bathtubs make for a relaxing and meditative escape for bathers that need to ease their anxiety and/or insomnia while utilizing its therapeutic features to cater to their needs, with each feature treating a different set of ailments and diseases. Click here to learn more.

The Medical Benefit of Water Immersion

All standard models of low-threshold bathtubs are essentially accessible soakers. The water buoyancy in a filled tub relieves the body of sore muscles - at least temporarily - because it decreases the force gravity has on the body by 90%. This gives the muscles a chance to relax and repair while allowing the bather to make body movements they otherwise couldn't have achieved.

Learn about the therapeutic benefits of soaking here.

The Medical & Therapeutic Benefits of Hydrotherapy


Hydrotherapy is an optional feature for any model from a reputable company on the market. Whether you want both the air and water systems of hydrotherapy - sometimes called dual hydrotherapy - or just one, the choice is yours.

Hydrotherapy is the main reason for the walk-in tub’s popularity among seniors thanks to its healing benefits. It uses either or all three of the features that follow:

  • Air massage: The air jets are used for a soft, soothing experience which cleanses the skin from any toxins lodged in the skin pores.
  • Whirlpool massage: Water jets make for a deeper, more concentrated massage that accelerates healing of muscles and joints due to the increase in blood circulation caused by dilating the blood vessels. Users with arthritis can benefit a lot from certain salts dissolved in bath water because they’re more readily absorbed into the skin when in hot water. Epsom salt, for example, provides nutrients that fight inflammation and degradation of the cartilages.
  • Legs only massage: This uses the same massage system present in your model of choice to fill the water below knee level. This is specifically made for diabetics that need a quality soak and massage without the dangers of "over soaking". If you're a diabetic looking for a model with this feature, click here to learn more.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Aromatherapy & Chromotherapy

Relaxing and stimulating agents are what characterize aromatherapy and chromotherapy.

  • Aromatherapy: Using extracted essential oils, aromatherapy releases fragrances that help stimulate or relax the body and mind through sensory receptors activated in the brain.
  • Chromotherapy essentially brings about the same results by way of colored LEDs located in the basin. The bather has the choice between cool and warm colors that they could activate with push-button or touch-screen controls.

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