Accessibility Devices for Traditional Bathtubs

May 04, 2016

This article will discuss five mobility seats and chairs that are meant to help seniors access and use traditional bathtubs independently. What you should consider when you look for a mobility device are the features it comes with, its weight capacity, seat width, seat height, the backrest's reclining options, and the functions that are most helpful to you personally.

Bath Lift Chair

Bath Lift Chair

The bath lift chair allows you to slide on laterally and - using the remote in your hand - control the seat's height for you to enjoy a bath with your body immersed at a comfortable depth.

Bath lift chairs enable you to have a bath in a traditional sized bathtub without having to strain yourself while sitting or standing; the bath lift does all the work for you.

The Advantages of Bath Lift Chairs:

The Disadvantages of Bath Lift Chairs:

Transfer Benches & Seats

Transfer Benches & Seats

There are two types of transfer benches to choose from: The fixed seat and the sliding swivel seat - both of which are stabilized either by four leveling legs or clamping them to the bathtub's rim. Whichever one you go for, you will need to lift your legs over the tub walls for you to slide all the way in, although, it takes less effort than if there were no bench at all.

The fixed seat covers the entire bench and requires you to slide in all the way until you're inside the bathtub. The sliding swivel seat, on the other hand, only covers the portion where you would be sitting; once you get on you can slide the seat itself back inside the tub and lock it in place to get started with your shower.

The Advantages of Transfer Benches and Seats:

The Disadvantages of Transfer Benches and Seats:

Power Seats

Power Seats

A perfect match for traditionally sized walk-in bathtubs, the power seats function very similar to transfer benches only you will need to be in the tub before you get to sit in one of them. 

Once seated, the height of a power seat can then be adjusted to be used for bathing or showering alike.

Belt-style and molded plastic power seats are the two types that you can choose from.

The Advantages of Power Seats:

The Disadvantages of Power Seats:

Mobile Seats

Mobile Seats

Very similar to the bath lift, mobile seats differ in that they can rotate and lift simultaneously with easy-to-use controls.

They can transport you in and out of the tub at your leisure without having to step over the bathtub walls. Simply lift, turn, strafe, and sink to a comfortable level for a shower or bath.

Apart from the comfortable recline of the backrest, the posterior parts of your legs are supported by the chair as well. If you find trouble in lifting your legs, this chair won't let that be a problem as it can lift them for you when needed. 

The Advantages of Mobile Seats:

The Disadvantages of Mobile Seats:

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