Which Walk-In Tub Is Best For You

Dec 19, 2017

Which Walk-In Tub Is Best For You

Walk-in tubs are generally used for the same purpose as a traditional bathtub; however, they are designed to maximize safety and provide therapeutic benefits to individuals with mobility challenges. They allow the owner to maintain an independent lifestyle and bathe without the assistance of another person. But what is the best walk in tub for your particular needs? If you’re considering buying a walk-in tub, you need to know your options.

  • Soaker Tubs

This is the basic type of walk-in tubs.The main quality here is the safety features that make it ADA compliant. Such features include a built-in seat, a grab bar, and textured floor to prevent slips and falls. Soaker tubs have no hydrotherapy jets and are generally less expensive than other more advanced types.

  • Best option: Ariel Walk-In Bathtub EZWT-3060-L 

  • Price: $1899.00

This walk-in tub is a good example of a standard soaker. It's the perfect size to slide into your existing space for a bathtub. The built-in safety features ensure no slippage or falling.

  • Bariatric Tubs

Generally, a bariatric is the sturdiest and widest type of walk-in bathtubs. It's made for larger individuals, generally over 300 pounds. These tubs include a wide door opening and a large built-in seat that can accommodate individuals of any size. Like other walk-in tubs, they include the same safety features.

  • Best option: Ella Ultimate 93217

  • Price: $4168.00

This Ella model includes a total of 26 water and air jets, which are placed to massage your back, legs, and feet. The built-in seat is 20 inches wide and contoured for comfort. And of course, this walk-in bathtub includes all the safety features (safety bar, non-slip floor... etc).

The biggest difference between a standard walk-in tub and a wheelchair-accessible bathtub is the door opening. The latter has large doors and a door frame that opens outward, allowing for easy transfer from the chair to the tub.

  • Best option: Universal Tubs HD3060WCALWA

  • Price: $ 3940.00

This model is ADA compliant with its safety bar. It has a stainless steel frame with a wide door that swings outward to allow entrance from a wheelchair to the 21-inch seat.The swinging door seal is backed by a lifetime warranty, so any leak you spot can be taken care of by the manufacturer. Several other features are available too, including chromotherapy and aromatherapy.

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